Highway Department


7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday-Friday

Employment Applications

Please submit employment applications (PDF) directly to the Highway Superintendent, Howard Fisher. Applications for the Highway Department are kept on file. CDL licenses are required for full-time employment. 

Driveway Permit Application

Driveway permit application for resurface of old blacktop with no changes is only $100. Check is payable to Town of Hyde Park. Check must be delivered or mailed with completed application to:
Hyde Park Highway Department
1146 Route 9G
Hyde Park, NY 12538

Driveway permits (PDF) are necessary for all new constructions and resurfacing of pre-existing driveways.

New Construction Driveways

Prior to submitting a driveway permit for new construction only (taking out the old driveway and replacing it or increasing its size), you must put a stake on each side of the proposed driveway entrance location, abutting the Town road. Then submit your driveway permit, along with the $200 application fee. 


The Highway Superintendent will then inspect the location for grade and site distance. (There are no Town requirements as to setbacks along property lines). Your paving requirement will be typed on the bottom of your permit. It shall say: "Driveway must be paved in its entirety" or "30 feet blacktopped driveway apron must be installed," and/or if any trees may need to be removed for site distance, or if a drainpipe must be installed under driveway. Please see the current town code for driveway specifications.

Street Opening Permit Application

$1,100 check payable to the "Town of Hyde Park." $1,000 will be returned after the road has been repaired. This bond applies to cutting across a Town road to connect to a water line. If work entailed exceeds this, it is at the Highway Superintendents discretion as to the amount of the bond. Please see Trench Detail (JPG) for requirements. The Street Opening Permit (PDF).