The annual Hyde Park Trail End2End is a supported, 9-mile end-to-end walk/hike/fun-run on the trunkline Hyde Park Trail, from FDR’s Top Cottage to the Vanderbilt Mansion. It takes place annually on National Trails Day, which is the first Saturday in June.

The first section of the Hyde Park Trail was opened on the very first National Trails Day, in June 1991, and it was celebrated with a public hike. The End2End was started in 2011 to celebrate the trail’s 20th birthday – again on National Trails Day. The trail had grown in those 20 years, from the original 3.5 miles to just over 9, so we decided to celebrate again by hiking the entire route, and inviting the public to join in. We have done that every year since – hosting a shuttle-supported hike (or run) of the 9-mile trail route between Top Cottage and Vanderbilt, every June.

The Hyde Park Trail End2End event is cancelled for 2020.

However, with some advance planning, you can do the End2End on your own. The simplest way is to drop a second car at the endpoint of your hike before starting, if you can do that within your family, “pod” or “quaranteam.” Another way is to do the route in two or more “out-and-back” hikes. A downloadable route map and itinerary are intended to help with your plans.

PLEASE STAY SAFE and help others to stay safe, too. Plan to be self-sufficient; at the time of this posting, there are no facilities along the trail. Check ahead, stay close to home and PLEASE observe guidelines for social distancing, masks or face coverings, and courtesy on the trails.

End2End 2020 Map
HP Trail End2End On Your Own Itinerary 2020