How can I find out about more trails in our area?

Dutchess County has more than 76 trail systems totaling more than 350 miles. Visit the Dutchess County Healthy Communities trail map series.

Since 1920, the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference has been the premier source of maps and hiking information in our area, and a major sponsor of trail stewardship.

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1. When are the trails open? It’s a weekend and the Facebook page says it’s closed.
2. Where are there restrooms on the trails?
3. Where can I get trail maps?
4. Is there hunting?
5. Are dogs allowed on the trails?
6. What is the weather in Hyde Park?
7. Where can I get a Walkabout trail patch?
8. How can I report a problem on the trail?
9. How can I find out about more trails in our area?
10. How can I get involved in Hyde Park Trails?
11. How can I protect myself and family from Lyme disease if we go on the trails?
12. What’s with those green and white trail markers with the maple leaf?